Woohoo Wellness Mod

Woohoo Wellness Mod

WooHoo Wellness mod is another great mod that can add more realism to the Sims 4. This mod is developed by LUMPINOU who have also created the Talents & Weaknesses, First Impressions, Mood Pack Mod, and Psychic Sims! v0.95. WooHoo Wellness mod is already very popular among sims players. But if you hear about it for the first time, then you must download and add this mod to your gameplay. You can download the latest version of WooHoo Wellness mod with the button below and if you need any assistance with downloading, kindly contact us. And kindly be aware that we are not the developer of this great mod, therefore all the credits and recognition should go to the LUMPINOU.

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Please Note !

This website is not the creator of WooHoo Wellness mod, but We intend to give you a full guide on how to use it very easily and safely on our website!

Credits -

All the credits goes to the creator of this great mod, LUMPINOU. They have done a superb job to present you this Software.